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Have you ever seen a movie where they strip everything unnecessary from an airplane to make it as light as possible so it can go the distance?

Yep? Well, we applied the same principle to our mail-order catnip.

By printing directly on the envelope, using a large 6" x 4" bag to spread things out and by not putting a label on the bag, we've managed to create a bag of the best-ever, non-gmo, organic catnip that is mailable anywhere within the USA - just using a 'forever stamp'!

A lot of pet stores stock 0.5oz catnip that is mostly air, stalks and a larger-than-necessary bag or plastic container. Usually for around 5 dollars. Ours is totally stripped down and arrives straight to your mailbox! All for $2.50! And it's guaranteed to be more than 0.5oz!

It's 100% organic. 100% non-gmo. Grown under the Hawaiian sun and gently air-dried over several weeks in the Hawaiian breezes. No forced oven-drying here, mi amigo.

And if you and your kitties don't think it's the best catnip you've ever had, it's backed by our famous 100% money-back gaurantee. No questions asked!

Just send $2.50 via PayPal to Include your address details and - voila! - it's on its way!

(And, no, we don't store your name and address in order to send you a bunch of advertising material you never asked for. We respect your privacy.)

We take pride in placing quality over quantity, so order now as there are currently 7 bags available.

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