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* Grown from 100% organic, non-gmo seeds
* Grown in 100% organic soil
* Zero nasty chemical pesticides, herbicides, additives or any chemicals
* 100% organic pest control methods using organic neem oil spray (light applications)
* Naturally air-dried (hung upside down) by the warm, Hawaiian breeze
* 0.9 to 1.2 ounces per packet (twice as much as most others)

* You know how coffee smells and tastes better when the beans are whole, and you grind them yourself at home? Well, we apply the same principle. The leaves are left whole so more of the cat-attractant chemical, nepetalactone, is preserved and not released into the air. Just crush a few leaves with your fingers for kitty to enjoy! (Try crushing them and rubbing them under kitty's chin!)

* The stems are separated from the leaves by hand and blended to a fine powder. Yes, this is more time-consuming, but we believe the superior quality makes it worthwhile. The finely blended stems are then mixed with the leaves before being packaged up.

* 'Plastic' bag is 100% biodegradable. Seriously. It's made from corn, not petro-chemicals. When you're finished, you can throw this 'plastic' bag into your compost, garden or trash it - guilt free! Oh, and the sticker is made from biodegradable, recylced paper and printed with soy ink :)

100% organic, non-gmo dried CATNIP

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