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Catification by Jackson Galaxy.jpg
Catify To Satisfy by Jackson Galaxy.jpg

This is it, folks! The 'bible' on catifying. A great source of inspiration, rather than a direct 'how-to' book. You'll need to adjust the ideas to fit your budget.

Overall, great!

Lots of sound theory grounded in feline behavioural needs married to the reason why practical catification is necessary. Many examples, unfortunately, are from home-owners or apartment-dwellers where drilling into the walls is fine :(

A Street Cat Named Bob by James

A true story. And a great tale of personal recovery from drug-addiction and the love of a streetcat that made it possible. Much better than the movie!

A Gift From Bob by James Bowen.jpg

I remember thoroughly enjoying this follow-up to the first "Bob" book just as much as the original. As to specifically why, I can't exactly recall. Am going to have to re-read it :) 

Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard.jpg
All I Need To Know I Learned From My Cat

I picked this up from The Public Pet in Kaimuki. It's a great little book, full of good chuckles that only us cat people will understand. Again, it's the kind of book you pull out once a year and read in half an hour. Still a great addition to your bookshelf.

OK, so Lara the cat is only mentioned a couple of times in the final chapter, but this story is so endearing that I wanted to include it here anyway. Even if you have no interest in ultra-marathon running, you'll love the feel-good nature of this amazing, true story!

Dr Marty Becker Your Cat The Owner's Manual.jpg

Everyone loves Dr Marty Becker - for very good reasons! This is a thorough book on pretty much all aspects of cat-care (apart from the steps necessary for how to introduce a new cat). Very satisfying to see him completely endorse the physical, emotional and mental benefits of play-hunting for all cats, including seniors!

Dewey by Vicki Myron.jpg

A lovely, lazy-days read. No great narrative arc or racing pace - rather, this story reflects the gentle pace of life in rural Iowa of yesteryear. It is, however, pragmatically real about life's ups and downs. I laughed out loud and, yes, cried at the end. Immensely satisfying. 5 stars!

Hiss and Tell by Pan Johnson-Bennett.jpg
How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To K

Easy-reading, personable and full of true situations and actual events that help us all understand our kitties that little bit much better. You'll laugh. You'll cry. I certainly did!

The Soul Of All Living Creatures by Vint

A thoroughly enjoyable book that uses real-life examples of human/animal interaction to philosophize on what is going on inside the mind of all animals, homo sapiens included. 5 stars!

Love Saves The Day by Gwen Cooper.jpg

This book is hilarious! It's hugely pictorial; not much text. It's the kind of book you pull out once every 6 months, read in 20 minutes and laugh out loud over! 5 stars!

The World According To Bob by James Bowe

OK. This is going to sound pathetic, but I can't remember anything about this book apart from the fact that I loved it. I guess it's time to read it again!

What Your Cat =Knows by Sally Morgan.jpg

It's not often I open a book and find myself, many hours and glasses of wine later, finishing it in one sitting. But, I did with this. Mostly told from the perspective of Prudence, the cat, the development of the characters' relationships is gripping.

The tagline to this book is "Tap into your cat's intelligence through the world of feline cognition" - and I couldn't have put it better myself. From sensory perception to sensory processing this book is fascinating and an easy read!

The Cats' House by Bob Walker.jpg

Bob Walker was catifying his house before the term 'catification' existed. An extremely colourful book that will suit home-owners who possess serious carpentry skills. For others, like me, it's nice for inspiration and dreaming.

Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy.jpg

I kind of enjoyed this book, for the most part. Focusing mainly on Jackson Galaxy's struggles, it wasn't quite what I expected. My fault for having a preconceived notion about it. It definitely lets you into his personal life story.

Saving The World One Cat At A Time by Ra

This is an easy read, but if you've worked your way through some of the major works you won't pick up much that is new. Still, it's good to be reminded of what we already 'know'. I disagree on her dismissal of laser-chasing. As long as you end it on a hidden treat, it has closure and is a good activity.

Dusty Rainbolt Cat Wrangling Made Easy.j
Cat vs Cat.jpg

Overall, an excellent book on the entirety of cat guardianship. The chapter on new introductions was, in my opinion, a little rushed and light on the specific steps required. The chapters on stain removal and feline diseases were both amazingly thorough and I learned a lot!

Cat vs Cat is another amazing book from renowned feline behaviorist, Pam Johnson-Bennett. It goes way, way beyond the tagline of 'keeping peace when you have more than one cat' with thorough chapters on feline behavior, psychology, motivation, litter boxes, catifying etc etc - if you only read one book on looking after your cat, read this!

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