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Cat Sitter Richard Barber's wife Diane Kadomoto with kitten Squiry

Diane Kadomoto...

...used to be allergic to cats. Seriously. But after Magic (RIP), Mugsy, Bear (RIP), Squirrel and Luna joined our family, she discovered that her allergies had disappeared.

Born and raised in Kaneohe, Diane has worked extensively within the hospitality sector. With a Bachelor's degree in Business and another degree in Communication Disorders, Diane worked across Hawaii, Jamaica, Bermuda, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and The United Arab Emirates. 

When she's not tending to her loved ones, she works full time at Turtle Bay Resort.

Bits of trivia: Diane sings very well, can only cook one dish (curry & rice) and at one time studied tap-dancing in the Japanese Alps (Nagano). Strange, but true.

Sarasota Cat Sitter Richard Barber with kitten Squirly

Richard Barber...

...grew up with cats, dogs (Basset Hound, German Shepherd & Pit-Bull) and budgerigars (parakeets). Richard feels a strong affinity with animals and can often be heard telling people "you know what? 92.5 million years ago cats and humans shared a common ancestor".

Born and raised in Australia, Richard has worked in the service industry, mostly within hospitality and education. With a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy/English,a Master's degree in Professional Education & Training (TESOL), Richard taught ESL across Australia, Japan, The United Arab Emirates and Hawaii before finding his true passion in cat-care.

Bits of trivia: Richard's work on placement-test construction was published as the Featured Article in the internationally peer-reviewed journal The Language Teacher, he released two rock albums (that went nowhere) and favourite activity is lying on his bed listening to BBC Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time while curled up with his kitty cats.

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