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60 - 90 min at your house each & every day for:

• playful interaction with feather toys, red light laser toys and your cat's favorite toys

• washing of food & water bowls and refilling

• checking stool for size, shape and consistency and recording notes

• checking urination deposit size and recording notes

• checking your cat's mentation and recording notes

• scooping litter and replenishing

• once-a-week total scrubbing out of litter box and replenishing

• giving any needed medications and recording notes

• gentle wire brushing followed with soft brushing

• chin and face rubs with organic catnip (provided free!)

• renewal of organic cat grass (provided free!)

• sweeping up any litter spills

• mopping up any urine spills or sprays and treating with an enzymatic urine eliminator

• daily photos (texted) and videos (emailed) to you

• anything else you need - just ask!

• 2 x 60 min pre-departure meet and greets - no charge!

• plant watering

• bringing in mail, advertising material and/or newspapers etc

• light rotation

• lights and/or radios on digital timers

1 cat $20 per daily 60 min visit

2-3 cats $30 per daily 75 min visit

4-5 cats $40 per daily 90 min visit

(Rates will increase by approximately 16% on Jan 01 2020)

Make your booking now and enjoy peace of mind that your cats are receiving

the best possible care in the comfort of their own home while you're away.